An easy, flexible and open tool

As a complete planning system, Magic-Gantt is the ideal tool for organising and planning your projects. Every stage of the process is controlled and everything fits into place logically and consistently.

Diagramme de Gantt facile


Magic-Gantt is quick and easy to use : it takes just a few minutes to get started with the tool and reap the benefits of state-of-the-art functions for comprehensive management of all kinds of project.

Diagramme de Gantt pour Excel


Magic-Gantt is a planning tool developed in Excel. So it can be infinitely customised according to the user's specific requirements.

Fonctions Excel standard


No source code, macro or lock but standard Excel functions which make up Magic-Gantt's DNA and make it an easy-to-use, completely transparent tool.

Advanced functions

As well as the usual planning functions, Magic-Gantt offers advanced functions for comprehensive management of all of your projects, however large or complex they are.


Gantt avec Excel

Find out more about the functions of Magic-Gantt.

Gantt projects management

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Explore and test : the basic functions of Magic-Gantt LITE will give you a preview of the diversity of the « PRO » or « XPERT » versions.
Magic-Gantt LITE, the first step towards logical, complete planning of all of your projects.


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