What can a Gantt chart do for you ?

The benefits of the Gantt chart

An exhaustive process

A Gantt chart will help you list all of the activities necessary for getting your project off the ground. As each activity is itself sub-divided into tasks and sub-tasks, you can be certain that all project steps have been considered.

Realistic planning

Tasks are scheduled over time. You have a clear view of the links (dependencies) between each task. As the duration of each task is specified, you know that you will create a realistic schedule.

An overall view

The graphic representation of the different tasks and their state of progress mean that you will quickly and easily be able to view the entire project, even if it is complex.

Control of timeframes

The calculation of the critical path (all tasks which will have a decisive impact on the project finish date) will help better control timeframes throughout the project.

A clear view of requirements and the budget

Adding resources, human or equipment, necessary for performing the different tasks will help you accurately assess the overall requirements and budget.

Explanations of the Gantt chart

Invented by Henry L. Gantt, a mechanical engineer and management consultant, the Gantt chart is a management tool for logging and viewing the different tasks which make up a project.

In a Gantt chart, the first column contains a list of all different activities, tasks and sub-tasks. These activities are organised sequentially.

The following columns represent the hours, days, weeks or months of the timetable. The project manager chooses the time unit most suitable for the size of his project. These columns are used to provide detailed information on the time necessary to complete each step.

Each task is represented graphically by a horizontal bar whose left side is placed on the start date and whose right end is placed on the finish date.

In a nutshell, the Gantt chart will be used to list all of the tasks to be done, indicate the duration of each activity, specify whether any tasks will overlap and indicate the duration of the overlaps. With the Gantt chart, the project manager has a tool for producing a realistic, comprehensive schedule, however large and complex his project is.

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