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Tutorial #2: Critical path


Use Magic-Gantt and make the most of a user-friendly and versatile tool for preparing your schedules

All of the power of Excel at your fingertips

Magic-Gantt especially focuses on Excel, one of the tools most used around the world. The power of a spreadsheet, ease of use, extreme flexibility, the unlimited ability to customise. Magic-Gantt is about making planning accessible to all, whatever the size of the company (from a single partner company to a large company), whatever the business sector, and whatever the purpose sought.

A user-friendly, intuitive interface

Getting to grips with the tool in just a few minutes, everything is clear and accessible, and you will get the hang of the tool almost immediately. Easy to deploy, no new software to master or maintain, and no need for any long, expensive training.

Very advanced planning functions

To paraphrase a well-known car manufacturer, which, when talking about a new model, said : « it has everything a great has… », Magic-Gantt offers really very advanced planning functions – probably the most advanced ever seen today on a ‘mere’ spreadsheet…

A consistent approach to planning

With Magic-Gantt, the project manager will ask himself key questions for faultless management : how should I split/structure my project, what tasks should I put on my list, what is the workflow, what resources are available to me, etc. Logically and consistently, Magic-Gantt will make planning easier, even where highly complex projects are concerned.

Models for getting things off the ground quickly

Magic-Gantt comes with a set of pre-constructed models so that it is very easy for you to embark on your first project.

Excel plannings

The first steps with Magic-Gantt for Excel

Creating your new project will take you just a few minutes. With Magic-Gantt, you do not need in-depth knowledge of management software or the functions of Excel to plan your project.

  • Defining your schedule
    Once you have chosen a name for your project, specify working days and days off. A standard week could start on a Monday and end on a Friday. However, it is up to you on which days of the week you work.
    Then enter the project start date. You are ready to go on to step two.
  • Add a new task
    Copy a task line and paste it as many times as is necessary according to the number of tasks to be created. Customise each task line by specifying the name of the task.
  • Specify the duration of the task
    Not all tasks within an activity necessarily take the same amount of time. This step allows you to specify the time you believe will be necessary.
  • Put everything together
    You can now enter a start date for each task or define the dependence between two tasks. So several options are open to you : starting with the simplest, enter a different date for each task, going on to the most complex, creating links between task sequences.

You have completed the first few steps of planning your project. You can now use the many functions of Magic-Gantt to further refine your planning.

And to make it even simpler, just view the tutorials provided. The tutorials have been designed to guide you, step by step, and introduce you to all of the benefits of your planner.

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