MScube is an engineering company which is active in the design, development and optimisation of industrial processes through computer simulation and technological innovation.

MScube helps companies in all sectors by meeting their modelling and automation needs. The results will be visible immediately : faster setup of an ad hoc solution, better use of resources, and clear reduction in risks.

About Magic-Gantt…

The Magic-Gantt planner was developed by Christophe Waucquez, manager at MScube since 2013.

Although he was seeking a planning tool for one of his clients, he was struck by how poor the offer was. Too expensive or too rigid, too complex or too simplistic, existing solutions did not meet the client's requirements.

Christophe then decided to develop his own tool. Beginning with simple, static scheduling, he was very quickly able to expand it. His engineering training, his knowledge of coding and his many years in Computer Aided Engineering really helped him throughout the development.

A few versions and several hundreds of hours later, Magic-Gantt was born.

Like any IT tool, Magic-Gantt will continue to evolve to offer ever more functionalities. But whatever the version proposed, the basic principle remains the same : no hidden programming, ease of use and getting to grips with it, while at the same time offering state-of-the-art functions to manage all types of project, from the simplest to the most complex.

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