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"Magic-Gantt est un outil simple et convivial que j’utilise au quotidien pour planifier les différents jobs de mon activité. Je peux ainsi me concentrer totalement sur la gestion de mes projets. De plus, contrairement aux autres logiciels que j’ai essayé, inutile d’apprendre une nouvelle interface, on commence dans Excel et on y reste ! Je recommande cet outil sans hésiter, entre autres, parce qu’il m’aide à améliorer ma productivité."

Olivier Powis, Managing Director, Im’act


"Having been involved in various types of activity from engineering project management to R&D development projects, I have been opposed by engineers resisting to a change of habits such arguments as “one more program to learn” or “MS Project is for professional project managers”, so not to move away from Exel spreadsheets with colored cells and start planning professionally projects and activities. Having found “Magic Gantt” which is simple, user-friendly and covering most aspects of planning activities and logic enabled us to go for an organizational breakthrough. The key is that we go from cell painting with no deep thinking behind to a much more elaborate scheduling of activities, enlightening real value of proper planning. It forces us to think ahead of the laying out of the project activities and milestones and delivers the full value of it."

Dimitri Laurent, Director, 3B-Fibreglass


"De Magic-Gantt heeft ons geholpen om een duidelijk en eenvoudig overzicht te maken van onze ontwikkelingsplanning. Het is een handige applicatie om het werk van onze ontwerpers te coordineren."

Jean Waucquez, Afgevaardig Bestuurder, WHISE


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