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Explore our different offers Magic-Gantt LITE, Magic-Gantt PRO and Magic-Gantt XPERT. You must have Excel 2010 or later.


Magic Gantt


Magic Gantt


Magic Gantt


Plan from Start Start/Finish Start/Finish
Timetables Fixe Flexible Flexible
Free definition of working days and days off No Yes Yes
Automatic task structure numbering Yes Yes Yes
Three colours (unfinished tasks) Yes Yes Yes
Manual planning Yes Yes Yes
Automatic planning with links FS FS/FF/SS/SF FS/FF/SS/SF
Predecessors 1 3 3
Advance/Delay No Yes Yes
Automated calculation of summarising tasks No Yes Yes
Critical path No No Yes
Display of task progress in Gantt diagram bars Yes Yes Yes
Mobile time window Yes Yes Yes
Date or time marker Yes Yes Yes
Weekly and monthly views Yes Yes Yes
Display of general days off and special days No Yes Yes
Free choice of colours in Gantt diagram bars No Yes Yes


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Should I choose Magic-Gantt PRO or Magic-Gantt XPERT?

Magic-Gantt LITE will give you a glimpse of the tool's possibilities. To explore other functions and further broaden your planning process, explore the multitude of other possibilities of Magic-Gantt PRO and Magic-Gantt XPERT.

The key functions of Magic-Gantt PRO/Magic-Gantt XPERT

Unlocked version

Use an unlocked version. In other words, with Magic-Gantt PRO/Magic-Gantt XPERT, make full use of the functions offered by Excel, such as cell formatting, column insertion or new formula creation.


Decide whether Magic-Gantt PRO/Magic-Gantt XPERT must determine the planning using the project start date or the project finish date.

If you opt for planning using the project finish date, Magic-Gantt PRO/Magic-Gantt XPERT will calculate the date on which your project must start to observe your final deadline.

Working days and days off

Keep the time management control by specifying general working days and days off. Then create a list of exceptions to exclude special days off.

Different links

Establish dependence between tasks by choosing the appropriate type of link (Start to Finish, Finish to Finish, Start to Start and Finish to Start).

Several predecessors

Define up to 3 predecessors for your project tasks.

Lead/lag time

Use the advance or delay option to adjust the dates of the different tasks which will be automatically calculated by your Magic-Gantt PRO/Magic-Gantt XPERT planner.

Multiple colours for the Gantt bars

Opt for one of the seven additional colours and quickly view tasks finished, in progress and outstanding.

Critical path

Identify all of the tasks which will have a decisive impact on the project finish date to maintain full control of your project.

Choice of models

Quickly and easily embark on your planning by using models, pre-constructed sheets for different business sectors.

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